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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Month, New Creative Theme

The Foreman Checking The Job-
So, here we are in the first couple of days in Feb. Nothing new to report on the business end, except a Winter Farmer's Market date set for Saturday, the 13th in Shelburne, VT. Time is the same: 10 AM-2 PM at the Town Hall Gym.
I am continuing with the Creative Every Day project, and we are focusing on HOME for this month's theme. Home, and what it means. Home, and what you would like, where you've lived in the past, etc....the creation of a sacred space was the first thing on the list, and carving out a space just to sit and focus without the distractions of house chores, tv, etc....that's very important to me. Now, if I can just get my man to stop throwing his work clothes on my chair, we'll be ok.
Home is an important place to me. Yes, our house is where we live, I create products to sell at Farmer's Markets, we eat, rest, play, etc....but the essence of HOME....Home has always been where I can find time to unwind, relax and set aside "those things that just have to be done today." As a mother, home is where my children grow up, aside from being out in the world, guided by my hand and voice to instill in them what is good and what we have to question if instinct doesn't kick in right away. And home is where I can take a box of chocolates from a cute little downtown Burlington business, savor the taste, pose for the camera, and wonder who keeps putting Cheerios in my shoes.
~Momma G

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