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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Story Blanket

This is our new "home" project; I found the book at our local library, saw it as a good read, and it wasn't until after I got home and went through the bag of books we picked from the library what it really entailed. How sweet! A Russian based tale about the kindness of the heart when it comes to giving. What starts out as a blanket for local children to sit on to hear stories being told, becomes gifts of warmth and love for those in need. I won't give away the details of the book, as I feel anyone should really read it, even if its a kid's book that you could easily flip through in a matter of minutes. I feel its the time invested in the telling of the contents of the pages that mean the most. Telling Tristan this story really helped me connect to it, love it, and then look at Tristan and ask, "What if we made our own story blanket?"
I brought up a tote of yarn that I keep in the basement, and opened it to let my little one pick through the colors and various textures of yarns within the box. I found a cardboard box, unused, and as we picked colors together, I told Tristan to put the yarn he picked in the other box. Some yarn went in the box, and some went flying all over the room; no big deal as its yarn and he's a toddler testing the waters. I think I laughed as hard as he did with trying to put the yarn in the box, got tackled, put in a headlock, and my retaliation was to wait and tickle him into a frenzy when he least expected it. What a clown but what a moment!
So, there's our new project. A story blanket of our own. These are the perfect months to work on this project, snow and cold blanketing the outside world. ~Momma G
"Knitting is cosmic thinking."-Rudolf Steiner

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