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VTGW began as a small, mom owned & operated venture, with many ideas of how to offer consumers what they are seeking. With many changes necessary for growth, natural ingredients bath & body products continue to be the main focus of VTGW. A recent addition of featuring farmer's market vendors, emphasizing the support of the Local Movement, will be highlighted weekly. Striving to provide all Earth patrons with what YOU are seeking, VTGW is your destination. Enjoy the journey!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Decisions, decisions

After some time to think, go over my current inventory, and access the situation in regards to creating new product and being ready for next weekend, I've decided to bow out of the last Shelburne Winter Farmer's Market. Bad news? No, not necessarily. I realize what I have on hand and as opposed to make the trip to put out what little product I have left until I start the new stock, I feel it in the best interest of my business to pull back, regroup, and prep for the new season to come. What also came with my decision was the epiphany that its time to create my ARTFIRE store front and to post the link to my page here; for the time that I felt apprehensive to open that account, I now feel very confident to get started.
Today is project completion day, both in business and personal levels. My list may not be very big but what counts the most is the progress made and effort put into it. Here's to Spring in Vermont-cheers!
~Momma G


  1. Good for you that you have the courage to put your priorities in order and know what is best for you and your business! I just opened an etsy shop and my website will launch on Friday so I can really relate to where you are right now! I can't imagine how hard it is to do with a little one running around though. I wish you the best of luck reorganizing and getting your storefront ready too. I'll be looking for your link when you have it available! =)

  2. Sounds like you're very clear on what you need to be doing for yourself and your business! That's awesome!! Best of luck on starting up your Art Fire store too!