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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to Business

Wow! Its been some time since I've posted here, let alone posted anything pertaining to business. Spring is almost here, and with a new season, lots of sunlight, and longer days, things they are a'changin'. I've been tied up in fiber projects lately, some that I desperately need to finish and some that I love the idea of doing something new but need to complete the unfinished before moving further ahead.
Speaking of moving ahead, I am currently securing the last of my much needed supplie to move forward into the territory of cold process soap making. My choice of adventure moves into the historical aspect of using wood ash, or potash as its more historically known, to execute my decision to keep producing and improving my natural ingredient personal care products. In addition to learning the process of soap from raw ingredients, I am also researchng and writing an article about my journey and the results of my decision.
Soap making has been my passion, biz wise, since the early days of 2008, and as I move further into 2010, I realize I'm moving along at a good pace suited for this stay-at-home mom who loves her little one and preparing for the arrival of my next set of tiny feet in July. This summer is sure to bring many surprises as each day unfolds, and the courage to take each day as it comes is what's needed. Rough drafting plans and then moving ahead, step at a time...
Looking back, I realize I need to complete posting my products, enhancing my formulas, being realistic about my plans (ideas) to add new product before the end of the year, and tighten up a few essentials to avoid feeling overwhelmed with motherhood, shifting hormones, and eating like champion eater to breastfeed my newborn. One step at a time, right?
So, welcome back, pull up a chair, stay tuned, and keep an eye open for this season's unfolding. Its all good.
~Momma G

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