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Friday, January 8, 2010

Green Man Cakes, Season 2

Back in the swing of listings, along with a new project of creativity for 2010. Looking forward to sharing with everyone and the mantra for today is, "BUY LOCAL."

Green Man Cakes, Season 2 (Summer)

I love playing with the colors of the season. Pictured today is what I call season 2 of this eye-catching bar of soap. Each season, I formulate three different bars, each a different color. When I originally started making this line of soap, I only made a dozen of each, so three dozen bars were available for three months. Needless to say, when it came to my second open air market season, continuing to do so didn't keep people interested in my product, so I decided that during the three months of that particular season, I would produce up to three dozen of each soap, resulting in nine dozen bars total. That doesn't include the small leaf shaped sample size soaps, which I've only created a dozen total of each soap; so each soap would have one dozen sample sizes. I continue the statement of seasonal; what is available that season is what I have. I don't create the other seasons until they each get here; otherwise, would it really be considered seasonal? Whew! Onward.....

From left to right on the large bars: Elder, Willow, and Hazel. Ok, you're probably asking why I've named each soap after a tree in this line. If you look closely at the bars on the left and middle, you will see a maple shaped leaf with a face in the center. I found this mold on one of the sites that I order supplies from-most soap mold trays-and fell in love with it. I tossed around the name of the soap for at least a year before having a conversation with one of the shoppers I met at one of the markets who bought my soap. "It looks like the Green Man." I nodded in agreement, as I know my Celtic mythology, folklore, etc...The Green Man is considered a Nature spirit, according to the Celts. It fit perfectly, so labels were drafted and finalized within a six month period of time. I have a wholesale source who is interested in this line of soap but preferring packaging so as not to damage the soap should it be dropped or fall off the shelf in the store. I researched many companies online for a recycled paper box, found two which I've trialed, and now have an offer from a small company in Shelburne, VT (wow, right down the road!) to make boxes that will be printed with my label info so I don't have to produce more paper waste. I love this idea. Fingers crossed, this will come into fruition for the summer markets. Now, to give you the important ingredients of each soap you see here today; stay tuned with this line, as I will be posting season 3 (Fall) next week. Season 4 (Winter) is curing in the basement for this weekend's Winter Farmer's Market in Shelburne, VT.


-Shea Butter, Lavender & Patchouli essential oil blend, crushed rose petals & lavender flowers, and Beet Root Powder for coloring (is a cool burgundy color when first poured, turning a brown as it cures).


-Shea Butter, Cedarwood essential oil, and Spirilina powder for color.


-Shea Butter, Sage & Lemon essential oil blend, and Yarrow flowers for color.

Ahhh......feels good to be able to sit and write. Snow is falling as I write this passage, my little one will not nap again today, dinner is cooking, and life is good. Why stress? Just go with the flow.

~Momma G

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  1. Your soaps sound just wonderful!!!

    I love to try handcrafted soaps, especially if they have patchouli in them...yum!

    Your whole "operation" sounds very interesting---selling at farmers markets,etc.

    I'll be back to read more....

    Oh---found you on Creative Every Day---I'm on there too!