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Monday, January 11, 2010

Creative Every Day Project-Jan 2010

Creative Endeavors by Hand-My Hands
So, as I'm undertaking my newest adventure with Creative Every Day and monthly subjects the creator has posted-please visit her page by clicking onto the link I've provided under blogs I'm following-or is it favorites? You'll find it, I'm sure. January's subject is focused on the body, and I've been brainstorming how to focus on what exactly to post. I realize, over and over again, that creativity doesn't have to be about how artistic you are or are not; many endeavors are creative-look around. My mind keeps wandering in the direction of hands, and to think of the many wonderful things we create with our hands.
One of the things I've loved to do for as long as I can remember that I've held a needle and thread in hand or learned how to operate a sewing machine, sewing has been one of my foremost creative outlets. Sewing my own clothes over the years has waxed and waned, and now I'm finding that little clothes are becoming a source of fun and frustration these days. Tristan, pictured to the left, is my little model and growing very fast. I thought starting with pj's would be great but working with stretch knit-material found in most t-shirts unless 100% cotton-is not my first love. All the same, after three times of taking out the collar and putting it back on, it all came together; two more sets wait to be put together.
Knitting, crocheting, any type of needle work, fiber work of various types; outlets I can get lost in and have done so many times. I love working with my hands, love knowing that what I can picture in my mind I can convey to my hands to finish the work. So, here's to being creative-everyday. Enjoy and stay tuned to what more can roll off the wagon!
~Momma G