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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Updates and Changes

Wow! Its been busy here for the last couple of weeks; I've been away from blogging for what feels like forever. I spent almost everyday of last week troubleshooting my formula for my new soapmaking process; the first batch didn't set up the way I had hoped, sending me back to research and cross referencing to solve the mystery I found myself faced with. After a couple of resources found, articles combed over, and the motivation to try again cropped up-24 hr. turnover-I was at it again.
The open air Farmer's Market season 2010 is upon us, and I'm so not ready at this time. Its about two weeks or a little less to be ready for the first days, beginning at Shelburne. I have to double check my schedule and coordinating calendar for dates, so I can post here as to where I'll be and when.
I'm two days away from my new batch of soap being set enough to take out of the mold box, cut and lay out to continue curing (drying). My new process starts with a week of setting up and then 2-6 weeks to cure to the desired firmness. My patience is being tested for this new method but I feel confident now, with the bugs worked out and moving forward to produce a new line of product. I am also considering to take recipes for my handcut soaps I've been producing and move them over into this new process method; I hand cut the new processed soap into bars, so it would primarily be the same, just moving from one processing method to another.
So, here's to another wonderful spring day and a good day to be had for all. Enjoy!
~Momma G

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