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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Idyllic Vision in a Mason jar

The Vermont Switchel Company
South Burlington Farmer's Market, Summer 2012

I sit to write this post, sipping on the last of this week's Switchel (mixed with sun brewed iced tea & fresh juiced pineapple lemonade).  I have wondered all week how to truly compose this piece, and my epiphany came through this morning @ the usual hour: early and without warning. So are the lives of writers and authors; the muse comes to whisper in my ear what I needed to sing all this time.

I met Susan Alexander, Switchel's founder, at the South Burlington Farmer's Market, last month.  As my eyes swept the numerous tents for who was there and what to take home to savor, I stopped in for a sample. I had my two boys in tow, which is the typical vision when you see me. I fell in love with the sample, looked over the sizes available for purchase, and the Mason jar captured my heart. Just about everything and anything I can put into a Mason jar goes there, so it was easy for me to make the decision to snap it up. I've also discovered, it lasts a week for me, so it's the obvious choice for this busy mom on the go.  I engaged in a conversation with Susan, and after mentioning my own business ventures, on hold pit stop, I walked away with this: enjoy being a mom at this time. My kids would grow, creating room along the way for me to get back to my passion, and the journey along the way would be the greatest. I've not looked back since. Thank you, Susan.

By this time, you are all (my readers) wondering, what is switchel? Switchel is a blend of honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger & water; historically, its origins go back to colonial times here in New England. More noteably, referred to as "Haymakers Punch," it was used as a thirst quencher during haying season. The ingredients in switchel are high in potassium, a much needed electrolyte for replenshing what is lost during labor intensive activities. Which is why I purchase mine for use as a pick-me-up in the afternoons after a busy morning (about 2 oz or the size of your average shot glass), and most importantly, as a boost before my trip to the gym (roughly 6 oz), as I've begun triathlon training to keep up with my boys (another story on another blog outlet).

Susan's passion for creating the current formula has historical family roots, as her husband  recounts his grandparents making batches for consumption during haying season; as well, she was introduced to its taste about 25 years ago; falling in love with this tangy beverage set the gears to move towards bottling and selling. Of course, as we moms can attest, life's ingredients of work and children can send us on the detour we need to take and, if we are still passionate about something as wonderful as switchel, when the time is right, it will happen. For Susan, it did.  In the early part of June (this year), after years of refining and perfecting the formula, The Vermont Switchel Company launched during a tasting at Dealer.com. 

Now, just where can one find switchel?  The Vermont Switchel Company can be found at the following farmer's markets:
-Richmond Farmer's Market (Richmond, VT [Fri 3:30-7 pm])
-South Burlington Farmer's Market (South Burlington, VT [Sun 10 am-1 pm])
-Stowe Mountain Resort Farmer's Market (Stowe, VT [Fri 11 am-3 pm])

As a note, switchel is not only a straight up beverage. You can mix, as I noted in my opening paragraph.  Now, I do have to tell you, I have tried another mix, and it was pretty good for an afternoon after a crazy morning; I tried this on a weekend when I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything that required use of heavy equipment.

Switchel Toddy

2 oz BeefEater's Gin
4 oz fresh juiced lemonade
6 oz Vermont Switchel
8 oz sun brewed iced tea (with lemon, of course)

Combine the above ingredients in a 20 oz straw cup, ice if you prefer. Sip and enjoy!

"SO GLAD I had a bottle of Vermont Switchel in my fridge after mowing the lawn---....refreshing & hydrating---...makes me feel renewed...."  -KC W.

For more information on The Vermont Switchel Company:

http://m.facebook.com/TheVermontSwitchelCompany (please Like their page and show your support for local business!)

My beverage runs dry, and my post is complete. Looking forward to going to market today to get my next Mason jar and enjoy some shopping.

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