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Monday, November 9, 2009

Deva Bars-Heaven in the Hand

Yummm....! I still remember the first time I made this soap-yes, it has chocolate in it! My first bars were composed of chocolate, shea butter, and chopped hazelnuts-with a scent almost good enough to eat. Pictured to the right is the large Chocolate/Hazelnut bar, roughly 6 oz. when freshly done, shrinking down to about 5 oz. when "sweating" or curing is complete.
The bars I currently have available are the following:
~Chocolate/Hazelnut (lg. bar and sm. [3.5-4 oz.])
~Chocolate/Mint (lg. bar and sm.)
~Milk N' Honey (lg. and sm.) [created in mind for those with choco/nut allergies]
The ingredients for each bar are the following: (pictured in left hand basket in lt. pic)
-Shea Butter, unsweetened baking cocoa, Almond oil, a massage oil blend of essential oils-Lavender & Orange, and chopped hazelnuts.
-Shea Butter, unsweetened baking cocoa, Almond oil, Peppermint essential oil, crushed Chocolate Mint leaves-grown in my garden last year!
~Milk N' Honey
-Honey Glycerin (made with VT raw honey), a massage oil blend of essential oils-Patchouli, Lavender, & Orange, Goat's Milk (locally and humanely obtained), Poppy Seeds.
As you can see from posted pics, this soap is a 3 dimensional shaped bar; one side is shaped for massage-notice the "bumps" (it also has the oil blends for skin softening results) and the convex side-opposite is what I've set up for an exfoliant. Future devas are in the recipe drafting process, so stay tuned for the news flash for the complete line of Deva Bars by The Vermont Gypsy Wagon!
Momma G

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